What Is It?

The kinesiology tape (ex: Rock Tape) method is a taping technique designed to correct soft-tissue malfunctions. Following a detailed assessment and proper application, Rock Tape will strengthen weak muscles, relax tight, over used muscles, and reduce inflammation. Latex-free and wearable for days at a time, Rock Tape also supports and stabilizes weak joints and manipulates connective tissue to promote the body’s own natural healing process.


Adding kinesiology tape to a manual therapy regimen will continually reeducate the neuromuscular system for days after the therapy has been performed. Posture and muscle tone benefit from ongoing reinforcement as pain and inflammation quickly subside.

Who is it for?

With a wide variety of application, Rock Tape can benefit everyone. From infants to elderly, Rock Tape can facilitate digestion and enhance circulation. The Rock Taping Method is evolving healthcare practitioners’ entire approach to rehabilitation and body optimization.