Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I prepare for a treatment?

A: Being fully hydrated is the most important thing. Avoid coffee or anything else that dehydrates you. Stretch out and if possible get in a hot tub or even just a hot shower.

Q: What is a session like?

A: Before each session we map out our problem areas and then get to work. Because we work on myofascial lines we look for the connections between these problem areas. Lots of communication is used to be as efficient as possible

Q: What should I wear?

A: Loose fitting workout clothes are best. Tight, form fitting bottoms are very difficult to work through so basketball or jogging shorts work best. In order to work all problem areas, you may be asked to undress and draping will always be provided.

Q: What can I do after a session?

A: Immediately following your treatment we encourage you to take a walk. Major changes can happen in a session so walking acclimates your body to its new potential. Later, an epsom salt bath is highly advised. The salt soak (or even swim in the ocean) draws the toxins we pushed out of the soft tissue, out of the body so they don’t resettle. And again, hydrate. Alkalized water is best for its detoxifying properties.

Q: Is it ok to exercise the same day as a treatment?

A: Getting in a workout before a treatment is a great way to warm up and find problem areas. After a session it is not advised to work hard, although a light swim can be quite beneficial.

Q: How often should I come?

A: Just like exercising, our treatment builds on each session before. If we are working on a chronic pattern the frequency needs to be higher. In the case of a sports injury, often only a few sessions are needed to restore proper function. However, as our understanding of compensatory patterns grows, we realize that this work is never done. Serious pre-hab and movement coupled with regular treatment sessions is the only way to “fix” anything.

Q: If I get Rock taped, how long can it stay on?

A: The tape can and should stay on as long as its doing its job, which is typically 3-6 days. If the ends start to fray and curl up simply trim them back to where they are attached. You can shower with the tape on (but dont scrub it) and some tape is extra waterproof to go in the ocean and endure multiple workouts.